What type of posture has your horse? Each type can affect the way your horse moves and performs. It may be the reason your horse cannot make the higher jumps or suffers particular injuries.

Understanding Your Horse’s Posture

Understanding your Horse’s Posture

There are 3 main types and each one can affect the way your horse moves.  To find out more, watch our video overview.

Is your horse evading you

Is your horse evading you?

Often, we think our horse is deliberately not doing what we want when the real reason is just that he can’t!

Swayback Explained

Swayback explained

The Swayback posture tends to give you a dip in the horse’s back with long weak abdominals. Find out more here and also how you can use the app with these techniques to improve this posture.

Understanding Horse Movement through Zones

Understanding Zones

Let’s make looking at your horse’s movement easy, here we show six different zones helping you identify areas to work on.