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Come and Join us in 2017!

As we enter into the seasons of 2017, horse enthusiasts alike will be looking for ways to maximise the potential of their horse – anywhere from a childhood pony all the way up to conditioned, competitive racehorses. One thing that we all have in common is that sense of community that runs through the veins of horse owners, and Equibuddy plans to share and increase this community as you increase your understanding of your horse and its needs.

A fragile and empathetic animal, horses need the correct surroundings as they grow up and develop in order to not only perform to the best of their abilities, but to also maintain a happy and fulfilled lifestyle. There are numerous ways to ensure that your horse stays in this desired form, but unfortunately we are all human, and sometimes we will miss crucial signs and discreet symptoms that could indicate a real problem. That’s why we feel it is extremely important for horse owners to be able to talk freely to other horse owners, on a platform that is easy to access and simple to communicate on. This provided a significant amount of the inspiration behind Equibuddy, since we aim to build and strengthen our community through easy access to advice and tips, reduced administration through electronic horse records, and an overall increased welfare of your horse thanks to a wider sharing of knowledge.

As the year progresses we will ensure to keep users updated with new features, along with providing quick tips and easy uses of the app to maximise your time and the time of your horse. Every horse is different, but we plan to show everyone out there in the horse community that there is more to it than riding and grooming, and to show that by coming together, we can achieve full harmony between horse, and horse owner.

As winter progresses and the temperatures stay low, there are many challenges facing a horse in these cold and dark times. Dealing with changing feeding requirements, factors influencing time living outside and in, altered shoeing and trimming needs, and illnesses such as colic due to an array of circumstance ranging from less activity to eating frosty grass. These are just a handful of the concerns facing a horse owner in winter, some more complex than the others. Most of you will also be aware of a condition Mud Fever, caused by the bacterium Dermatophilus congolensis. This illness affects the lower limbs of a horse, and leads to irritated skin and may develop into serious dermatological issues that can be extremely painful and alter his soundness and temperament.

mud fever feet and legs
Mud Fever shown on the feet and legs.

At Equibuddy we know that this is a widespread issue, and so have implemented a tool that allows you to track the progress of any illness like Mud Fever, from wherever you might find yourself. If you are not onsite you can ask a friend to load an image and you can then decide if you want to relay to the vet of choice for advice or a timely visit to that horse. The Mud Fever thread will be kept in one area on the timeline and allows owners to fully keep on top of the welfare of their horse on-the-go, in order to promote a healthy recovery.

These are just one of the ways Equibuddy can help to ensure that your horse remains healthy, strong, and free of any illnesses and diseases that could lead to serious implications if not tracked quickly and efficiently.

2017 will bring some great challenges, but if we work together, we can achieve a common goal shared between horse-lovers: a constant desire to increase the welfare, safety and happiness of this great animal. Come and join us in this endeavour and see how Equibuddy can help you achieve this goal!

Here’s a link to a useful site highlighting the best ways to recognise and treat Mud Fever: http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/features/mud-fever-signs-treatment-and-prevention-72429


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