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The Countdown to Olympia begins

rda team with jenny at soft launchWith 3 weeks until our official launch at the Olympia Horse Show,  today marked an important milestone for everyone involved in our Mobile Application.

We are now officially available for download in both the Apple and Google Play App Stores! 

As friends, acquaintances and the team gathered to celebrate, it gave us a wonderful opportunity to thank everyone for their help, support and contributions to our new App. (more…)

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Stick Together this Spring


I’m sure many of you will be rejoicing at the thought of lighter, warmer and more prosperous days. Days without the constant struggle of the bitter winter affecting vital needs of your horses. However, we all know that taking care of a horse is not a seasonal job, and requires a great deal of dedication, effort and more importantly, time.

One of the things that horse owners will know is just how many factors there are which influence their well-being. It’s therefore important to understand what these factors are, and how Equibuddy can help you manage these during the Spring. With the grass growing rapidly and the weather constantly changing it’s patterns, owners will need to be aware that these seemingly normal weather conditions can have a drastic effect on your horse. (more…)

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Reduced admin, Increased Efficiency

We’re always striving to find greater efficiency in our lives. A constant struggle to keep everything in our days up-to-date and on track. It’s no surprise then that as horse owners and members of the equestrian community, managing a horse and what comes with it brings many aspects that take large periods of time, and mountains of bureaucracy. Ensuring that your horse’s individual characteristics are safely documented and accounted for is vital, but it’s easy to get tangled up in the paperwork – especially when you need it most.

At Equibuddy we realise that this is a significant issue, and plan on making the suffering of prolonged paperwork as minimal as possible. With technology giving us more ways to manage the folders upon folders of work, accessing a document or aligning a document to a horse that you own has never been easier. (more…)

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Come and Join us in 2017!

As we enter into the seasons of 2017, horse enthusiasts alike will be looking for ways to maximise the potential of their horse – anywhere from a childhood pony all the way up to conditioned, competitive racehorses. One thing that we all have in common is that sense of community that runs through the veins of horse owners, and Equibuddy plans to share and increase this community as you increase your understanding of your horse and its needs.

A fragile and empathetic animal, horses need the correct surroundings as they grow up and develop in order to not only perform to the best of their abilities, but to also maintain a happy and fulfilled lifestyle. There are numerous ways to ensure that your horse stays in this desired form, but unfortunately we are all human, and sometimes we will miss crucial signs and discreet symptoms that could indicate a real problem. That’s why we feel it is extremely important for horse owners to be able to talk freely to other horse owners, on a platform that is easy to access and simple to communicate on. This provided a significant amount of the inspiration behind Equibuddy, since we aim to build and strengthen our community through easy access to advice and tips, reduced administration through electronic horse records, and an overall increased welfare of your horse thanks to a wider sharing of knowledge. (more…)

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Peace of Mind for Horse Owners

horse listening to instructions

There are so many ways to learn about horse management today; books, magazines, local classes and the internet to name a few. However, if this is your first horse or you are new to the world of horses, this maze of information can be hard to classify. How do you know if what you are reading is the best information or if it’s just a crazy means to an end!

Jo Paul, one of our founders, came across a video on the internet ‘explaining’ how to get your horse to lift its hoof for inspection / the Farrier. Horrified at the advice on offer and describing it as cruel, Jo began investigating other equine educative facilities online and concluded that there is a spectrum of advice on offer that varies from the sublime to the ridiculous with good, well intended information often lost in the middle. (more…)

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Confidence through Connecting

2 girls waiting their turn to ride horse

As you unlock the box and guide your new horse down the steps a million thoughts and emotions can run through your mind: was the journey ok, is he nervous about the new surroundings, will he like my stable, his new tack, when does he need fed and when can I ride him?The excitement that flows from buying a new horse is one of the most wonderful feelings I’ve ever experienced and with over 40 years’ immersed in the equine world I know I’m not alone.

I’ve worked with owners who are dazzled by their first pony, yard owners who have a troublesome addition to their family and serious competitors aiming for Gold at elite events. They all share that same nervous excitement / anticipation of how well they will connect with a new horse. (more…)

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The Invisible Horse

As every owner knows, there’s so much fun to be had with your horse.  When things are going well, there’s the beautiful hacks late in the afternoon, the excitement of galloping across a deserted beach or even competing in an event.  However, when things are not going so well, the responsibilities can start to become a little overwhelming. Caring for a large animal with very specific needs, the 6am midwinter muck-outs, the equipment required, the feed, the exercising etc, it can all start to out weigh the rewards!  If the horse itself starts playing up, becomes unrideable or seriously ill, these responsibilities can become unbearable and this is when real problems start.

Not a month goes past without a story being published around Invisible Horses or a Rescue Home sharing its newest addition’s story.  Horse neglect, abandonment and cruelty seem to come back down to the fact that the legislation around owing a horse is often unenforceable and the paperwork unchecked when importing and exporting horses. To an unscrupulous owner, the horse can remain invisible regardless of the law. (more…)